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Transmission Repair Omaha

Transmission Repair OmahaIn order to properly fix your transmission, we must first locate and diagnose your problem. When you bring your vehicle in, we will perform our proprietary multi-point transmission scan service before beginning repairs so that we can pinpoint the problem.

AAMCO's transmission scan service includes a transmission fluid level and condition check and an inspection of transfer case and differential fluid level and condition. One of our technicians will then perform a road test to assess your car's handling and performance, including the initial engagements, upshift and downshift quality and timing, various drive ranges, passing gear, reverse, and even neutral. The AAMCO technician will also note any unusual noises or vibrations.

Then, we use a lift to examine your vehicles undercarriage, including the shift linkage and cable, vacuum connections, harness connections, ground connections, final drive, mounts, axles, shafts, CV joints/U-joints, pan gasket, and the condition of the wires.

An expert AAMCO technician can discover many different types of transmission problems through this visual and external check, but our diagnostic processes will go even further. If our preliminary checks don't catch your problem, we will not recommend rebuilding your transmission until we can tell you exactly what the problem is.

Computer and Internal Diagnostics:
We use the latest advancements in internal computer diagnostics so that our technicians will only conduct the necessary repairs. Since computers control many systems in today's vehicles, your transmission problem may originate inside your car's onboard computer if it is sending the wrong signals. At AAMCO of Omaha, we can perform Computer Diagnostic Service to test electronic systems in your vehicle and find out if a faulty component is causing problems with shifting or performance.

Using our AAMCO Kwiktest PlusBox, we can detect any trouble codes in your vehicle's computer and interpret what they mean. We check every computer system in your car because the problem could originate with many systems. Our AAMCO technical database, the world's most complete compendium of transmission diagnostic information, enables us to interpret the scan's results.

We also examine all other electronic components of your vehicle, including solenoids, sensors, and all attached wiring that may affect the transmission. This allows an AAMCO technician to make a recommendation for repair or replacement if any of these parts are faulty, so we can provide you with the service your vehicle needs. Our thorough diagnostics allow us to quickly conduct repairs and put you back behind the wheel of your pickup, sedan, or SUV.

AAMCO centers have provided expert transmission service and maintenance for almost 50 years. Before offering or conducting any repairs, we make sure to run our transmission scan service to diagnose your vehicle's problem. More than half the time, we find that our customers' vehicles require only minor repairs, and we will never offer you a new transmission if you don't need one.

When we do replace vehicles' transmissions, we rebuild them right, using only the highest quality parts available and supporting our work with the nation's best warranties, including basic nationwide warranties and lifetime warranties.

Trust AAMCO of Omaha with all your transmission and auto repair needs, and you will discover why we have been one of America's most trusted transmission repair companies for almost five decades.

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